Additional Knowledge Sharing In Trade Services


  • What is Marine Cargo Insurance?
  • Who should Insure?
  • What is the minimum value to be insured?
  • What are the difference between Institute Cargo Clause (A), (B) and (C)?
  • What is General Average?
  • What are the different Clauses and Exclusions in Marine Insurance?

Risks involved in Charter Party Transport

  • What is the purpose of Maritime Charter?
  • Parties Involved in a maritime charter.
  • The Characteristics of Charter Party Operations.
  • What are the Difference between Time Charter, Voyage Charter and Bareboat/Demise Charter?
  • New Jason and Both-to-Blame Collision Clause.

How to  Identify Fraud in Maritime Shipping

  • Definition of Maritime Fraud
  • Elements of  Maritime Fraud
  • Type of  Maritime Fraud
  • Problems
  • Precautionary Measures.

Financial Crime Risks

  • Overview
  • Governance
  • Roles, Responsibilities & Resources
  • Fraud Data & Reporting
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Appetite
  • Business Engagement, Systems & Controls and ‘Know Your Employee’
  • External Liaison & Communication
  • Educating Customers

National and Regional Sanctions, Embargoes and NPWMD

  • Introduction
  • Parties in Trade Transaction
  • Financial Crime Risk
  • National and Regional Sanctions, Embargoes and NPWMD
  • Challenges
  • Recommendations
  • Control Mechanisms
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Name Screening
  • Activity Based Financial Sanctions
  • Export Controls
  • Limitations
  • Escalation Procedures
  • Three Lines of Defence
  • Application.


Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication [SWIFT] provides a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment.

  • Why SWIFT?
  • What is SWIFT Message Type?
  • MT 700 and MT707
  • MT 740 and MT747
  • MT 103 and MT 202

New messages under MT Category ‘7’

Documentary Credits:

  • MT 708 Amendment to a Documentary Credit
  • MT 744 Notice of Non-Conforming Reimbursement Claim

Guarantees and Standbys:

  • MT 761 Issue of a Demand Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit
  • MT 765 Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit Demand
  • MT 775 Amendment to a Demand Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit
  • MT 785 Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit Non Extension Notification
  • MT 786 Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit Demand Refusal
  • MT 787 Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit Amendment Response.

All Category 7:

  • MT 759 Ancillary Trade Structured Message.