In order to meet the growing need of trained professionals in this field involving varied process requirements, we offer a specialized training PROGRAM IN TRADE FINANCE. This program will cover the end-to-end process life cycle of International Trade Transactions, Letters of Credit Issuance, Parties involved and Role and Responsibilities of each party to these transactions, Financial / Commercial / Transport Documents and its importance & implications in international trade, Export Negotiations, Import and Export Collection Processes, Foreign Exchange Remittances, Cross border trade mechanism, currency conversion, payments and reimbursements etc. We also provide knowledge transfer on UCP600, URR725, UCR522, ISBP745, INCOTERMS 2010, SWIFT etc. This program will impart standardize international concepts and practices relating to Trade Finance to the learners. As a result learner will be knowledgeable enough to engage with transaction processes from day one of first job enrollment. Learner adaptability and transition into each process will take place easily and employers definitely will get advantage of appointing industry ready candidates for their job requirement.